The CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems (JPES) is an international quarterly journal published by the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) in collaboration with CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute) and IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Inc. The articles published in this journal will focus on advanced concepts, technologies, methodologies and practices associated with all aspects concerning power and energy systems. It aims to present the latest research achievements, which have significant impacts on the advancement of knowledge in the fields.


CSEE JPES has an international authorship and a broad scope in power and energy systems including, but are not limited to:

Types of papers

Articles can be presented in the format of the following:

Paper Preparation

Basic guidelines for preparing papers for the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering are provided in the Authors Kit. Information is given regarding desktop publishing format, type sizes, and typefaces. Style rules are provided that explain how to handle equations, units, figures, tables, references, abbreviations, and acronyms. Sections are also devoted to the preparation of acknowledgments, references, and authors biographies. An example of the desired layout for papers is provided as a Microsoft Word template.

CSEE JPES papers are limited to eight pages at submission. If a paper becomes longer than eight pages after review, it will be subject to mandatory page charges.

Submission Information

An author submits a manuscript by uploading a word processing file (.doc, .rtf, or .ps) of the paper directly onto ScholarOne Manuscripts (, a site on the World Wide Web where papers can be accessed by the CSEE JPES Editors-in-Chief, Editors, and Reviewers. It will be converted to a PDF file by the system. (It is recommended that the PDF file be under 1 MB. Papers exceeding this file size may require a longer review time.).

Upon Acceptance

Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author is required to upload the following final files to ScholarOne Manuscripts:

In addition, the author will be required to submit a completed CSEE JPES Copyright Form via ScholarOne Manuscripts if it was not completed during the initial submission of the paper. A proof of the paper will be sent to the corresponding author for review and approval.

Open Access

In this publication, all articles will be published as Open Access (OA), and the OA fee will be waived if your manuscript is accepted for publication in order to enable unrestricted public access. OA publications are freely available online to anyone,which maximizes the visibility, the uptake and use of the work published. All accepted articles will be indexed by IEEE Xplore.

Editor's Message

Xiaoxin ZhouAs the Editor-in-Chief for the CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems, I would like to welcome all of you working in the power and energy community worldwide to publish your articles in this journal, written in English and at the first time published jointly by CSEE (The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering), IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute).

Over the past few decades, the areas of power and energy systems have been developed significantly all over the world to face challenges in the energy crisis and environmental emissions. During this period of time, the infrastructures of power generation, transmission and distribution evolve with utilization of distributed renewable and sustainable energies, which brings over significant changes of traditional power and energy systems. A range of new methodologies and technologies have been innovated via a variety of research and development activities in the fields of extra-high voltage transmission, HVAC/DC transmission, distributed power generation using wind and solar power, integrated energy systems, micro-grids, power market, power system planning and operation, power system reliability and control, power electronics, telecommunication and information management etc. Particularly a huge number of young engineers and scientists have devoted, with support from the power and energy industries worldwide, to tackling such challenges. It is our resounding belief that this journal is launched in a timely manner to meet the requirements of all of you and plays an important role in setting up a platform for information exchange between the Chinese power and energy community and the wider international community. This journal aims to serve you with support from a large group of international reviewers, enabling you to disseminate your academic and technological achievements rapidly and to a broad range of readers. I hope that your publications in this journal will reward your career in many years to come.

I am looking forward to receiving the submission of your latest research work to be published in this journal in the near future.

Xiaoxin Zhou
Editor in Chief, CSEE JPES