Editorial Board Meeting of CSEE JPES Held in Boston


On Jul. 18, 2016, the Editorial Board Meeting of CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems (CSEE JPES), the CSEE-sponsored English journal, was held in Boston during the IEEE PES Annual Meeting. Xie Mingliang, Vice President & Secretary-general of CSEE and Deputy Director of CSEE JPES Editorial Board, addressed the Meeting. A total of 47 guests attended, including Academician Song Yonghua, Vice President of CSEE and Deputy Director of CSEE JPES Editorial Board, Academician Zhou Xiaoxin, Chief Editor of CSEE JPES, Prof. Wu Qinghua, Associate Editor of CSEE JPES, Dr. Bian Jianhua, Secretary-general of IEEE PES, Dr. Zheng Tongxin, President of North American Chinese Power Professional Association, as well as experts and members of the Editorial Board and the Advisory Committee. The Meeting was moderated by Dr. Li Ruomei, an editor of CSEE JPES.

In his speech, Xie Mingliang extended a warm welcome to the experts and scholars present, and expressed sincere gratitude to the devoted JPES editors. As CSEE’s first international journal, JPES, according to him, figures prominently in cross-border academic exchanges. Through the efforts of the Editorial Board and other stakeholders, JPES is bound to establish itself as a high-quality, influential and leading journal.

Zhou Xiaoxin introduced JEPS’ principles, scope and progress, and organized discussions on its future tasks. As he put it, JPES is committed to democratizing new methods, practices, techniques and theories of power system. In the short run, it will focus on the following three missions: to increase its international visibility, attract outstanding contributions, and efficiently review the papers. JPES is seeking authoritative views about how to efficiently solicit papers on in-depth summary, original research and topical issues. Wu Qinghua made a few additions to Zhou’s speech.

Editorial Board members talked over the three tasks and suggested how to boost JPES’ quality and hit the targets.


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