On Sept. 24th, 2015, the CIGRE Women Engineers Forum, co-organized by CIGRE and CIGRE Chinese National Committee, and co-sponsored by China Women's Association for Science and Technology, NR Electric Co., Ltd. and State Grid Yingda Media Investment Group Co., Ltd., was held in Nanjing. With the theme of "We Can Do Better"...more>>

WHY this event?

Nowadays, the power sector is growing faster and attracting more and more intellectuals to devote themselves to this career than ever before. Among them, we can see many women engineers who are willing to endeavor to stand on the same line with men engineers. They are not constrained by the conventional idea that women are born for the family. They are wise and brave enough to enter this area with firm will. They worth our encourage and applause . That is why we have this event.

PPT of Presentations (to be downloaded)

My experience as a woman in engineering
Mr Mark WALDRON (马克·沃尔德伦,CIGRE技术委员会,英国)
Women in Engineering——Meeting a Brilliant Scenery
Ms Donghong CHENG (程东红,中国科协,中国)
We can do better
Ms Xingying CHEN (陈星莺,河海大学,中国)
CIGRE New Zealand and my career
Ms Rebecca STEWART ( 丽贝卡·斯图尔特, Mitton ElectroNet公司,新西兰)
The Status and Analysis of Chinese Women Engineers
Ms Tianshu BI (毕天姝,华北电力大学,中国)
Endeavor makes woman a better engineer!
Ms Ye XUE (薛晔,西安高压设备研究院,中国)
A Woman Can Do Better Than A Man
Ms Manyong ZHAO (赵曼勇,南方电网,中国)
Experience in Cigre SC B5,Protection and Automation,in WG and as Secretary of SC B5
Ms Rannveig S. J. Løken (兰维格·娄肯,CIGRE C5专委会,挪威)
Opportunities and Challenges of Female Engineers in a South African Workspace
Ms Khayakazi DIOKA (卡亚卡兹·迪奥卡,Eskom,南非)  (By written)


Ms. Chunli WANG
CIGRE Chinese National Committee
(Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering)
Mob: 86 18612868831

会议中心 开幕式 广州


  • Mark WALDRON
    Chairman of CIGRE Technical Committee

  • CHENG Donghong
    Vice Chairman of China Women's Association for Science and Technology

  • Rannveig S. J. L ken
    Secretary of Secretary of CIGRE SC B5

  • CHEN Xingying
    Vice President of Hohai University

  • Rebecca STEWART
    Chairman of CIGRE New Zealand National Committee

  • XUE Ye
    Chief Editor of Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd

  • BI tianshu
    Professor of North China Electric Power University

  • ZHAO Manyong
    China Southern Power Grid

  • Khayakazi Dioka
    Eskom Transformer Chief Engineer
    By written

  • LI Ruomei
    Former CIGRE AC and SC member

General Information

Name of Event:
CIGRE Women Engineers Forum
Time and Venue:
10:00am-14:00pm Sep.24, 2015
Nanjing JinlingResort Hotel Purple Mountain Ballroom, F1
Add: No.8 Jiahu East Road, JiangningDist, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 86-25-52107666,
Fax: 86-25-52103333