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  • Coordinated Demand Response of Rail Transit Load and Energy Storage System Considering Driving Comfort



    Electric trains typically travel across the railwaynetworks in an inter-provincial, inter-city and intra-city manner.The electric train generally serves as a loadsource in tractive/brake mode, through which power networks and railwaynetworks are closely coupled and mutually influenced. Based on the operational mode of rail trains and the characteristics of their load power, this paper proposes a coordinated optimal decisionmaking method of demand response for controllable load of rail trains and energy storage systems

  • A Perspective on Solar Energy-powered Road and Rail Transportation in China



    As essential pillars of passenger mobility and freight transport, road and rail transportation have experienced a rapid increase over the past years. This trend indicates an increase in energy consumption, especially electricity, due to higher energy efficiency and less carbon emission, but it exacerbates the contradiction between the power supply and demand. Nowadays, for additional power sources...

  • Dynamic Load Restoration Considering the Interdependencies Between Power Distribution Systems and Urban Transportation Systems



    After a major outage, mobile emergency resources (MERs) can be dispatched via the transportation system (TS) for service restoration to critical loads in the power distribution system (PDS). In this case study, the efficiency of service restoration in the PDS is associated with the traffic efficiency of the TS, and vice versa, because the PDS and TS are mutually coupled through traffic lights and ...


  • Coordinated dispatch of integrated electricity-natural gas system and the freight railway network



    With the significant development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) rail transport, the railway system is increasingly more closely connected with the integrated electricity-natural gas system (IEGS). To coordinate the economic operations of the two systems, this paper innovatively proposes a coordinated dispatch model of IEGS with LNG infrastructures and a freight railway network with LNG transport. ...

  • Adaptive bidirectional droop control for electric vehicles parking with vehicle-to-grid service in microgrid



    With the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), a large number of EVs will become a burden to the future grid with arbitrary charging management. It is of vital significance to the control of the EVs charging and discharging state appropriately to enable the EVs to become friendly to the grid. Therefore, considering the potential for EVs seen as energy storage devices, this paper proposes a multip...


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