Fake Website Alert


     Recently, several fake websites were discovered, which copied the images of the official website of CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems (CSEE JPES) and released false information through some database platforms to illegally solicit contributions and collect fees for manuscript reviewing and article processing, tarnishing the rights and reputation of our journal. We would like to remind all readers and authors that:

1) We have never entrusted any institutions or individuals to call for papers, or charged any fees through personal bank accounts.

2) The official website is: http://www.csee.org.cn/english/,You can also visit our website through the official website of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (http://www.csee.org.cn/). Should there be any difficulty in accessing the official website, please contact us: 010-82812536.

3) Authors and readers may communicate with the editorial department through the official email addresses: jpes@csee.org.cn; cseejpes@csee.org.cn. However, please do not submit a manuscript to the above emails.


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